Voices of Eve: Birth Ministries

“Empowering services for everyone.”

Voices of Eve: Birth Ministries was born out of a love of the birth process and a desire to help those in need.

I am Abbey Barnosky, I am the owner and operator of Voices of Eve: Birth ministries. I was called to Birth work when I was 13. Growing up as a missionary kid I remember hearing of women and babies dying in childbirth because of a simple lack of information. It filledme with a passion to help. I didn’t know what that ministry would be until I became pregnant with my daughter in 2013. I knew then that I wanted to make a difference in the birthing community. It wasn’t long after that I fell in love with the work of a doula. I connect most with the meaning of the original Greek word “Doula” which translates to, “woman who serves”. I feel strongly that women are a strength in our society, that babies are our future, and that when families are strong communities are strong.

My goal as a doula and educator is to help families make their birth experience and their lives as empowering and as beautiful as possible. I give these families my time, my hands, my knowledge, my passion, and my heart. I believe in my work and I believe in its ability to make a difference. I also believe in my clients. I believe that through their birth they can come out stronger and closer to each other than before. Building strong families to build strong communities.

I believe in midwives, birth workers, medical staff, birthing centers, and hospitals. I believe that together we can do anything to help our clients. Working hand in hand with these amazing people we can accomplish so much. 

I decided in July of 2018 to accept the calling to shift the focus of my business to ministry as well as a career. And because of that my services are income based or low cost. My hope is that no family has to choose to not have a doula, or other important services like Childbirth education or breastfeeding education, because they can’t afford it. I also am continually working on various ways to reach the community of Fort Worth Texas and the world through online services in the realm of pregnancy and birth. 

I also hope to travel to other states and countries to minister to mother’s, babies, and families in person. 

When you utilize my services you are a vital part of that ministry. In fact my ministry could not function without you!

Let’s journey together and watch the world change.

Abbey Barnosky: Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula, Sibling Doula, Bereavement doula, Breastfeeding and childbirth Educator, Post Abortion Counselor, Photographer, Artisan, and Blessingway Coordinator.

Voices of Eve: Birth Ministries


Fort Worth Texas


Cell: (304)203-6688

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