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We throw around words like failure, false labor, and geriatric pregnancy like the are meaningless, but for too many mothers they become the lyrics to the song that gets stuck in their about their birth.Read More

Profile PhotoAbbey BarnoskySeptember 12, 2021

Guiding Light

But I, nor the midwives, at this birth were lost, because we had a guide, the mother. She was our eyes gently leading us where we have, not the right, but the privilege to go...Read More

Profile PhotoAbbey BarnoskyApril 3, 2021

Part 2: The One

I have see many times instances of women being treated with disrespect due to their social standing, financial situation, education history, or color of their skin.Read More

Profile PhotoAbbey BarnoskyJanuary 19, 2021

Part 1: The Call

Voices of Eve was born out of a love of the birth process and a desire to help those in needRead More

Profile PhotoAbbey BarnoskyJanuary 18, 2021

Breathe of Life

What if breathing deeply in and out was the first thing we did when we woke up in the morning? Read More

Profile PhotoAbbey BarnoskySeptember 18, 2020

Laboring Under Fire

And I want to especially call out those who went above and beyond their oath to do no harm and additionally donate time and resources beyond what they are asked to do. They are heroes, and we need them!Read More

Profile PhotoAbbey BarnoskySeptember 3, 2020

Every Birth is Strong

increase in the intensity of her labor she remained calm and still. She was steadfast...Read More

Profile PhotoAbbey BarnoskySeptember 15, 2021

Dear Andrew’s Women’s Hospital: Part 1

So what does this mean? Is every other hospital I have served at (and countless others across the world) putting their patients in unnecessary risk? Or is Andrew's keeping their patients from a very effective tool needlessly?Read More

Profile PhotoAbbey BarnoskyAugust 25, 2021

My Birth Story: Part 2

I woke up with contractions coming every 3 minutes at 3 am on Thursday morning. I was so excited I …Read More

Profile PhotoAbbey BarnoskyJuly 21, 2021

My Birth Story: Part 1

My eldest daughter turned 7 yesterday. And this is the first time I am writing out her birth story. I …Read More

Profile PhotoAbbey BarnoskyJuly 20, 2021

Water Under The Bridge

Later I looked up what I had done and discovered that massage is a known tool to reduce swelling. My technique wasn't perfect but I am working on that and my next client will get to benefit from this learning experience. Read More

Profile PhotoAbbey BarnoskyJune 21, 2021

“I Do Not Make Mistakes”

It is an experience I will never forget and I am forever changed by bearing witness to this family's journey. Read More

Profile PhotoAbbey BarnoskyJune 14, 2021

Fed is Best

Whatever that story may have sounded like to you, it does not sound like medical care. It sounds more like torture. But it was my very first birth story. It was my entrance into motherhood.Read More

Profile PhotoAbbey BarnoskyMay 18, 2021

We Love Because They Are

I have a son. His name is Noah. I love him and miss him everyday.Read More

Profile PhotoAbbey BarnoskyMay 10, 2021

Methodist Richardson Shut the Door

I have never done this before… A few months ago I started writing reviews for my clients care providers. And …Read More

Profile PhotoAbbey BarnoskyMay 2, 2021
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