Laboring Under Fire

A hundred years ago, we gave the medical community all of the power. We said we trusted them with our very lives. And for the most part, they have been champions of that trust! Making medical advancements and bringing healing to countless people. And that gift of their hard work and sacrifices is a beautiful and amazing gift! And I want to especially call out those who went above and beyond their oath to do no harm and additionally donate time and resources beyond what they are asked to do. They are heroes, and we need them!


“Stop crying it doesn’t hurt that bad.”

– Care Provider

Sadly there are many care providers in the midst of the sea of amazing care providers who have come to believe their position of power puts their will above the will of their patients. And because of people like that, families are being mistreated, abused, and even assaulted in medical settings.

“If you don’t push now, you will go to stir-ups and I am getting the baby out myself.”


Birth Plans are proof of this. Because if every care provider were asking permission before performing each procedure, we wouldn’t need birth plans. But we do, even many, if not most, care providers encourage a birth plan because they know that informed consent is not the norm.

“With my oldest child my O.B. ignored me when I asked him to stop giving me stitches, and continued the procedure after he knew I didn’t consent.”


As you probably know, Doulas are one of the many resources in the front line fight for informed consent. We hold care providers and hospital staff accountable! We also inform our clients on how to advocate for themselves. Doulas are essential because families are essential! Because human beings are essential!

“your (Doula) encouragement kept me going!!! Without you the negativity of the nurses would have most likely discouraged me…”

Postpartum Mother

So, now what can you do? What can we do? Because regardless of what happens in this pandemic, I am making it my personal mission that when the next pandemic comes, no one would even THINK of banning doulas!

There are many ways that you can take extra steps to help the cause! Pick the one that most resonates with you. Because to fight this fight, we need more than just good ideas; we need fire; we need drive; we need you!

How you can help!

I found this website that offers a 1-week free subscription to be able to contact celebrities! Utilize this free week or even get a month if you can afford to and flood these influencers with emails about the petition! Choose any celebrity, but it might be extra helpful to choose ones who have a reason to be passionate about this cause. Maybe they had a doula, are passionate about healthcare reform, or have been sexually assaulted.
– Contact 59,000 Celebrities:

Write to governing authorities. If you are unsure of what or how to phrase your letter, I have stock letters on my COVID resource page!
– COVID resource page:

Share the petition on your business page or personal page. Share about why you believe it is important! I have been sharing along with quotes from the online document I have available for people to share their birth trauma. There are 187 stories so far!
– Abuse in Pregnancy Labor and Birth Public Doc:

Share about the petition with a local small business you follow! Maybe they will share it on their business pages! Try and choose ones that have a reason to be passionate about it. Like Birthing Centers!


Contact local hospitals and demand they look at the evidence of doula care! I have stock letters to hospitals on my resource page too!
– COVID resource page:

Contact news organizations about the petition!
Organize a peaceful protest or prayer walk around a hospital, governing authority, or other location. Always be peaceful! Always be kind! Never be silent.

Author: Abbey Barnosky


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