Moonstone Package: $700

As a doula I believe that families deserve all the support they need to make informed decisions and have access to evidence based information on pregnancy, birth, and child rearing. I also believe in the evidence based studies that show families and mothers who are supported throughout their labor and birth have better birth outcomes, lower c-sections rates, and their baby’s have better APGAR scores.

Is a Labor and Birth Doula Right For Me?

1. Do you have specific desires for your birth? You do not have to have an unmedicated birth in order to hire a doula, many families who have epidurals or C-sections still hire a doula to be there during their birth journey. Studies show that families who choose doulas are more satisfied with their overall birth experience.

2. Are You Looking for Additional Support Before, During and After Birth?

Doulas work tirelessly to make sure that you have the information and support to make informed decisions and gain physical, emotional, and informational help throughout your pregnancy and labor. A doula can also support you by advocating for you, your baby, your family, and your rights.

3. Do you want to learn more about birth and your rights?

Doulas are invaluable sources of a wealth of knowledge and can be a great way for you to expand your knowledge. Families who are informed of their rights and informed on basic elements of birth are more likely to make informed decisions and more likely to be satisfied with their birth experience overall. Voices of eve also has an Online Childbirth Class to help with this too! 

4. Can You Afford Doula Services?

Costs for doulas vary depending on your needs and the area you live. Voices of Eve is dedicated to making empowering services accessible to everyone. To help families afford the care they need Voices of Eve packages are on the lower end of the spectrum, payments do not have a pay by date but instead a pay what you can when you can basis, and you can also qualify for a discount on any package, you can find the discount form here!

What the Moonstone Package Looks Like

1. One prenatal visit: $120 this visit takes place at some point during your pregnancy. This visit will be to help create your birth plan, discuss your desires for you birth, help provide resources for any of your needs. The visit will be around an hour or two long depending on your situation.

2. You will have text, e-mail, call, and/or video support throughout your pregnancy: FREE during normal business hours.

3. Support throughout labor, birth, and for one hour after birth: $445 This service covers up to 12 hours of your labor and birth. After that an additional 12 hours of support can be purchased for $100 (this mostly ensures that your doula’s extra expenses are covered such as childcare and meals). Your doula can help you make plans to avoid needing this extra 12 hours of support. This support can include physical support like back rubs, hip squeezes, and counter pressure. Informational support like helping you process what is happening during labor and encourage steps that will help you achieve goals on your birth plan. Emotional support like general and honest encouragement as well as validation of normal birth processes and feelings. Advocating for you and your family is also a very important aspect if doula support and includes providing you with information to help you make informed decisions with your care provider.

4. One Postpartum Visit: $120 This visit will be to process your birth and discuss how you and your baby are doing. Also to provide resources if needed.

5. On call period: FREE This period begins at one week before your due date and lasts until your baby is born. If you go into labor before 39 weeks your doula will still be able to support you (barring any specific circumstances) but it may take your doula longer to get to you than during an on call period. During an on call period your doula will not turn off their phone, will not go out of town, will have childcare at the ready, and bags packed in preparedness to quickly come to your side. 

6. Visual Birth plan: FREE Your doula can help build your birth plan as well as give you a physical copy if you would like. This birth plan will cover the desires for your birth from the time you arrive at your birthing place until you leave the birth space. A birth plan is a goal, birth takes unexpected turns at times. But your doula can help you follow your desires for your birth as closely as possible.

Brings your total cost to $700

Optional Add Ons:

With your services you will always have the option to add on to your package at no extra cost beyond the cost of the service itself. Here are some possible extra services:

– Doula and Photographer, Hannah Troyer, as your birth photographer: $300

– Maternity Photo Shoot: $345

– Newborn Photoshoot: $545

– Blessingway Ceremony: $330

–Sibling Doula: $25 per hour or $550 for a package

– Individualized Breastfeeding class: $120

– Individualized Childbirth Class: $120

– Online Childbirth Class: $25

– Postpartum Doula: $25 or select a package

– Refer a friend: Saves you $25 for each friend that signs with Voices of Eve

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