General Photography Services Contract

Primary Client Name: ___________________
*FirstLastPut the Name of the main signer of the contract

Desired Date for Your Photoshoot: __________________

Expected Number of Individuals That You Would Like Captured at Your Birth: ______________

Location the photography will take place: _______________________

*Examples: Address of your birthing center/hospital, your home address, etc. Or a general location if one has not been chose yet like outside, inside, etc.

Primary Client’s mailing address: _______________________

Primary Clients email address: ______________________

*This information will be kept private and only used for the purpose of sending paper copies of your bill if needed.

Primary Client’s Phone Number: _______________________

*This phone number will be used for general contact regarding your services and not spam texts.I/We agree to pay Abbey Barnosky the agreed amount for our services in a timely manner. 

The Package I/We chose is: _______________________

The Price I/We were quoted was: _______________________

By signing this contract we agree to the following statements:

– Voices of Eve, LLC cannot guarantee certain poses or coverage quality, and that Voices of Eve, LLC shall in no way be held liable for compromised coverage due to interference from third parties or the environment. *

– The Photographer, Abbey, will maintain the Client’s privacy.

– The Photographer, Abbey will not publicly or privately display Client images that are not expressly authorized for private and/or public view via the Photography Release Form.

– The Client may choose not to authorize any images for public and/or private view. However, Abbey relies on a continuously evolving portfolio to show prospective customers examples of her work and greatly appreciates the authorization of a few modest images per birth.

– The Photographer, Abbey, will not maintain copies of RAW images on her computer system and will securely wipe all RAW image files after additional product delivery is complete or after the Photography release form is returned.

Client Signature: ___________________________________________

Voices of Eve, LLC owner and operator’s Signature:

Abbey Barnosky

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