Postpartum Doula Packages

As a doula I believe that families deserve all the support they need to make informed decisions, have access to evidence based information on pregnancy, birth, and child rearing. I believe in the evidence based studies that show families and mothers who are supported throughout their labor and birth have better birth outcomes, lower c-sections rates, and their baby’s have better APGAR scores. And I also believe in the evidence that moms, dads, and babies have an easier time with this transition if a good support team is in place, like postpartum doula care.

Is a Postpartum Doula Right For Me?

1. Do you have specific desires for your Postpartum period? You do not have to have any specific kind of birth or postpartum plan to hire a doula, many women who have C-sections or vaginal births hire a postpartum doula to be there during their journey into parenthood. Studies show that families who choose doulas are more satisfied with their overall birth experience.

2. Are You Looking for Additional Support After Birth?

Having extra support is crucial to ensuring that you have the information and guidance for making informed decisions and gaining physical, emotional, and informational knowledge and support. A doula can also support by advocating for you, your baby, your family, and your rights.

3. Do you want to learn more about birth or postpartum and your rights?

Doulas are invaluable resources and can be a great way for you to expand your knowledge. Families who are informed of their rights and informed on basic elements of birth are more likely to make informed decisions and more likely to be satisfied with their birth experience overall. Voices of eve also has an Online Childbirth Class to help with this too! 

4. Can You Afford Doula Services?

Costs for doulas vary depending on your needs and the area you live. Voices of Eve is dedicated to making empowering services accessible to everyone. To help families afford the care they need Voices of Eve packages are on the lower end of the spectrum, payments do not have a pay by date but instead a pay what you can when you can basis, and you can also qualify for a discount on any package, you can find the discount form here!

 What you get:

– Emotional and physical support

– Light housekeeping and cooking

– Education about newborn care

– Assisting you & your partner to process the birth

– Breastfeeding support and education

– Educating you & your partner about postpartum mood disorders

– Assistance with other children & their transition

– Optional education for your older children at age appropriate levels

* Depending on how many hours you choose for your postpartum care will limit how many of the above benefits you get.

Choose the package style that fits you and your family best!

Moonstone Postpartum Package $225

– 10 total hours of support

– Postpartum hours to be served minimum of 2 hour increments and maximum 8 hour increments.

– Styled towards meeting your and your baby’s basic needs.

– Includes driving time

Succulent Postpartum Package $450

– 20 total hours

– Postpartum hours to be served minimum of 2 hour increments and maximum 8 hour increments.

– Styled towards basic mother and infant care and education.

– Includes driving time

Rose Postpartum Package $675

–  30 total hours

– Postpartum hours to be served minimum of 2 hour increments and maximum 8 hour increments.

– Styled towards basic mother and infant care, Education, and a Newborn photoshoot.

– Includes driving time

Hourly Rate $25

– Minimum 2 hours of service

– Must Include driving time

– Maximum 4 hours per day shift

– Maximum 8 hours per night shift

– Styled towards basic mother and infant care.


Build a package custom fit for you and your family.

choose from a variety of options from postpartum hours, prenatal visits, photography, blessingways, classes, and more!

If you would like to add hours to your package you can do so hourly or in bulk to save you money!

Bulk Hourly Rate: 10 Hours


Bulk Hourly Rate: 20 Hours


Bulk Hourly Rate: 30 Hours


Bulk Hourly Rate: 40 Hours


Bulk Hourly Rate: 80 Hours


Optional Add Ons:

With your services you will always have the option to add on to your package at no extra cost beyond the cost of the service itself. Here are some possible extra services:

– Doula and Photographer, Hannah Troyer, as your birth photographer: $300

– Maternity Photo Shoot: $345

– Newborn Photoshoot: $545

– Blessingway Ceremony: $330

–Sibling Doula: $25 per hour or $550 for a package

– Individualized Breastfeeding class: $120

– Individualized Childbirth Class: $120

– Online Childbirth Class: $25

– Postpartum Doula: $25 or select a package

– Refer a friend: Saves you $25 for each friend that signs with Voices of Eve

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