Custom Essential Oil Diffuser Jewelry



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These necklaces are completely customizable and are excellent essential oil diffusers! The oils soak into the wood and diffuse gradually over time. They make great gifts for any season. They are great for children and adults. 

They can be used for aromatherapy or just as aesthetically pleasing jewelry!

Their customizable aspects make their style fluid and flexible!

* Please be cautious when using essential oils. Consult a certified aromatherapist on what oils are safe for you and especially for any children to use. Always use a carrier oil to dilute even when diffusing and never ingest the oils. Keep any essential oil diffuser jewelry out of the reach of small children, especially babies. The oils take time to diffuse completely sometimes as long as a week so do not use on a child if an oil not guaranteed safe for small children has been used on the necklace.

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Please go to for more info on using essential oils safely!


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