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A comprehensive Childbirth Class with a variety of learning elements that will help you be prepared for your upcoming birth. Your subscription covers a year and you can learn at your pace and whatever order works best for you.

I am so grateful to be on this journey with you! Before you dive into the course I have a few things to help guide you through the course.

1. None of the information in this course is meant as medical advice. Do not take the advice in this course over the advice of a care provider.

2. I know that everyone learns differently so I try to have a variety of learning elements throughout the course. This means that some information is repeated but I hope that makes it easier to absorb the information for everyone.

3. I have activities throughout the course that can help reinforce what you have learned. This isn’t homework you won’t be graded but as with anything the more you put in the more you will get out of the class.

4. You have access to this course for a year so I encourage you to not go through the course to quickly. Take the time needed to learn and absorb all of the information.

5. The content of this course is meant to be unbiased. That being said it is hard to find unbiased sources and there may be times that it may come across as biased. That is not my intention and I am continually working through the content to make it as straight forward as possible and not leaning one way or another.

6. All of the content in this course was obtained from scientific and verified sources, and not the personal opinion of anyone or any source.

7. This course is not perfect or all encompassing. But it is continually growing. I consider this course to be a lifelong project and as new information comes and as I learn more I will continue to add to it. So thank you for your patience and support! When you signed up for the course the e-mail you provided was added to an e-mail list so that you will get notifications if the course changes. It is easy to unsubscribe from this list and you will automatically be unsubscribed when your subscription to the class expires.


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