CB-Coping With Difficulty Sleeping

– Use extra pillows while you sleep: This will be helpful, even in short naps. place a pillow behind your back, under the side of your belly, between your legs, between your arms, and between your feet. A pregnancy pillow will help with this but extra pillows will work too!

– Do some light stretching or yoga before bed: Doing these along with affirmations can be helpful. Also try a meditation app to help you relax before falling asleep.

– Diffuse a small amount of lavender: Use caution diffusing if you have pets or small children. Using a diffuser necklace won’t diffuse in the whole room and can be removed if needed.

 * Whenever you use essential oils please follow safety recommendations by certified aromatherapists! I recommend this facebook page that I follow myself: “Using Essential Oils Safely”.

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