CB-Coping with Headaches

– Avoid Ibuprofen and Aspirin: Information on pain reliever during pregnancy is often changing. Talk with your care provider about the current recommendations but also do the research for yourself to be safe.

– Deep breathing: Things like breathing are done subconsciously but deep cleansing breaths need to be conscious and often! If you decided to set a reminder to stretch or sit up straight use that same time to take a few deep cleansing breaths. An added benefit would be to have a birth affirmation like, “My baby is safe,” to say to yourself while deep breathing. Preparing for Labor is a physical challenge but also a mental and emotional one. Prepare for both!

– Relax as often as you can: Again seek quiet relaxing moments like a warm bath and resting with your feet propped up. But also find something you can do several times a day that relaxes you as you go about your tasks like deep breathing or reciting affirmations.

– Massage your head where it hurts: This can help the blood flow to the area. And it not only may help ease the headache but maybe help you identify what may be causing your headache. For instance if it’s in-between your eyes it may be a cold creeping in, maybe you can drink some orange juice and maybe pick up some tea from the store. If it’s at the base of your neck maybe your back is causing the problem and a back rub and bath may help!

– Cool compress or ice for short periods on the base of your skull on your neck, or on your temples/forehead: This is especially helpful for migraines or tension headaches. Again use them on the areas that are hurting.

– Warm moist compress where it hurts: Sometimes warmth feels better especially for sinus headaches. Warmth can also be generally relaxing.

– Take a nap: Sometimes headaches cause you to be more tense which can strengthen the headache. This can be a way for you to listen to your body and take a short nap so that your body can fully relax. Those dishes can wait for a few hours or even a day or two! and remember that a short half hour nap is usually more beneficial, unless you are sleep deprived, than a few hours. 30 minutes won’t put you too far behind on your to do list! So set a timer and relax!

– Peppermint or lavender oil essential oil diffused in a carrier oil and placed on your neck: Again use with caution around small children when using the peppermint oil. 

– Check your posture: Tension in the back or neck can cause headaches. So if you are having regular headaches it may have something to do with that. 

Check out my Blog post on why relaxing can be hard to do!

 * Whenever you use essential oils please follow safety recommendations by certified aromatherapists! I recommend this facebook page that I follow myself: “Using Essential Oils Safely”.

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