CB-Coping with Heartburn

– Small frequent meals: One cause of heartburn is the slowing of the digestive system. There are many possibilities for why this happens, such as giving your body chances to get as many nutrients from the food as possible before it passes. Small frequent meals can help.

– Avoid eating less than two hours before laying down: If you do end up eating something less than two hours before laying down try laying down semi propped up, maybe make sure whatever is the last thing you eat is something gentle like a cup of yogurt, a few crackers, or a slice of cheese.

– Avoid very spicy or acidic foods: If you do have spicy foods eat something mild or bland along with them to help counter the spice, like rice or crackers.

– Sip water before, during, and right after you eat: This aids in digestion. But avoid drinking too much right before bed.

– Chew gum after eating: It’s important to make sure it’s not mint or peppermint gum, sometimes the spice of the mint or peppermint gum can aggravate the heartburn.

– Try a small glass of milk or yogurt to help curb the heartburn before bed.

Try a new snack to have on hand to make eating smaller meals throughout the day easier!

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