CB-Coping With Swelling

– Avoid standing for long periods of time: Again if you have to stand for long periods maybe ask your employer if you can sit for 5 minutes every hour. Keep loose knees while standing and sway or rock when you can to help with blood flow. Have the goal to be as mobile as often as you can.

– Eat high protein foods: Dark green veggies, beans, and grains are great!

– Drink fresh lemon juice in a cup of warm water: Also adding fresh lemon to your drinking water is great for swelling and managing blood pressure. Might even help with morning sickness.

– Avoid sitting with legs crossed: Sit on your birth ball instead!

– Sit with legs elevated when possible: This will also help with your lower back pain, and give you chances to rest.

– Do ankle circles as often as you can: This can be done while resting or give you moments to pause during your day. You can add them to your reminder list or use sticky notes to help you remember.

– Avoid tight socks or shoes: Another chance to wear open shoes or loose closed shoes.

– Drink plenty of water: Again sipping throughout the day is best, and always drink when you’re thirsty.

Try setting a reminder on your phone to move every 2 hours.

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