CB-Ways to Encourage a Healthy Pregnancy, Labor, and Birth

There are many ways to help encourage a healthy pregnancy, labor, and birth. The list below is a great place to start.

– Take Responsibility for your health: Birth is a marathon, preparation in advance will help with good birth outcomes!

– Chose your maternity care provider and birth setting wisely: Choose a provider that will be supportive of the kind of birth you want, has low c-section rates, and is overall supportive and encouraging.

– Learn about medical options before, during, and after birth that can affect you and your baby: The more you know about your options in birth before baby comes will determine your ability to make informed choices in labor and birth.

– Brush up on your maternity benefits and rights at work: Stress is a big hinderance to labor so aim to have as many things off of your mind as possible to prepare for the big day!

– Plan for support once your baby arrives: You will need help and more likely than not many people around you will want to help. Use those support systems!

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Source: Healthy Birth Initiative



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