CB- Emotional and Mental Aspects of Birth

Emotional Changes: 

It’s different for every mom and every pregnancy. The important thing is to not ignore the changes but address them head on! Emotional struggles can be amplified during labor and birth, so it is important to address them early.

Here are some possible ways to help you work through how you are feeling.

– Talk about your feelings with your partner and/or a trusted person.

– Join or start a pregnancy support group.

– Take time to pamper yourself.

– Exercise.

– Ask for help with tasks to help keep you from getting behind and overwhelmed.

Mild emotional ups and downs during pregnancy are normal. But extreme shifts in your normal way of thinking or feeling are not. If you think that this is the case for you please seek out professional help. There are low cost counseling options available in some areas and even online.

Weight Gain:

I included this item in the emotional and mental aspects of birth because it sometimes has a big impact on your state of mind going into your labor. How much weight you gain is different for everyone but the general rule is:

25-35 lbs if you were healthy before pregnancy.

15-25 lbs if you were overweight and.

28-40 lbs if you were underweight.

 The important thing is to not focus too much on the numbers. 

– Discuss with your doctor if you have any sudden increases or decreases in weight. 

– Avoid providers who might try to use shaming you as a method of communicating with you. 

– If you are taking all the healthy steps necessary/you can, and you don’t have any additional condition causing the weight issues then it should be something that is out of sight and out of mind. 

– Women who are over and under weight have healthy perfect babies every day! Focus more on a healthy lifestyle and never try to lose or gain weight while you are pregnant.


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