CB- Postpartum Depression Quiz

You will likely receive a similar quiz at the hospital when you deliver and perhaps later as well. But having these questions on hand to help you continually evaluate your emotions can be a benefit.

1. Have you been able to laugh and see the funny side of things as you usually do?

2. Have you been able to enjoy things as much as you used to?3. Have you been blaming yourself unnecessarily when things go wrong?

4. Have you been anxious or worried for no good reason?

5. Have you felt scared or panicked for no good reason?

6. Have you been feeling overwhelmed?

7. Have you had difficulty sleeping even when the baby is asleep and the house is quiet?

8. Have you felt sad or miserable?

9. Have you been so unhappy that you’ve been crying?

10. Have you thought of harming yourself or your baby?

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