Visual Birth Plan

This will be for billing and general communication through your pregnancy and through the postpartum period.
There have been times when I was delayed getting to a client because their hospital had their maiden name instead of their married name on file.
This is used for if Abbey will serve you at home before going to the birthing place or if you are having a homebirth.
Address if you can or a name that Abbey can search for
some examples may be that you struggle through depression, anxiety, or recovering from an addiction.
Abbey might be able to create a visual option if there is something else that you want specifically adress that is not already on the list.
a lot of the time the pain is most intense during a transition. For example maybe you are going from 4-6 cm or baby is moving further down. Those transitions can be intense and if we can work through some position changes or adjustments to the environment it can make a big difference in delaying or avoiding chemical pain management if you are hoping for a natural labor.
Sometimes your records are incomplete or don't have time to transfer and if a birth happens fast I can help make sure that the staff is aware.
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