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My name is Hannah Troyer, CD(DONA) CVD(TVL) and it is my absolute pride and joy to serve women as their doula. I stumbled into doula work in my teens and dove head first into this field, after I quickly realized that was what God had made me to do! Years of yearning to love on mamas and babies fashioned itself into Mothering Memories Doula Services, and after certifying through DONA International, I have never looked back. My deep love for Jesus is the core of this mama and baby business and I strive to show God's love in all I do. Some things you might want to know about me are: my love for all things birth, babies, natural living, classical music, crocheting, singing, and playing the piano! When I'm not at a birth or spending time with my clients, you can usually find me at home spending time with my family, camping, singing musicals at the top of my lungs, and reading every birth book ever written. I am a huge advocate for personalized and in-depth support for every mama, and I cherish being a part of your birth story. It is such a privilege to watch each family blossom and birth their babies with confidence, peace, and love. My passion and ultimate goal is to help you achieve your perfect birth and postpartum, even through the ups and downs of it all. I look forward to hearing from you! Much love- Hannah
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