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"Abbey was wonderful and supportive through my whole pregnancy and labor and delivery. She was completely invaluable but extremely affordable.

My husband was also grateful that she was there during labor so he didn't have to support me alone.

Abbey is extremely easy to talk to and can make anyone comfortable."

K. M. , Client

"Her touch was the only thing that gave me a small relief. In the midst of helping physically through my pain, she also managed to document the birth with photos and a special video. On top of all of that she gave me a personalized quote that fit our family's ability to pay for her services. What more can one ask for from a doula. Abbey goes above and beyond and my family is forever grateful!"


S.P. , Client

Growing up as a missionary kid in Africa taught me that education, life, and human rights are precious and should be guarded, developed, and shared.

My own Births taught me that everyone should have proper education, support, and advocacy, not just those with an abundance of resources.

My clients teach me every day that the human spirit is resilient, remarkable, shapable, and can exceed expectations.

My work teaches me humility, wonder, and passion. I see time and time again that my work is essential because my clients are essential.

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"Abbey is absolutely amazing! She was a key role in my successful VBAC! I highly recommend this sweet woman to any birthing mom (especially VBAC mom’s). I plan on using her again when it’s time for baby number 3!"

S. J. , Client

"I’ve gone through 2 labors before hiring abbey as my doula. I’ve dealt with PTSD and depression with both pregnancies and wanted support. Abbey answered all my questions and made me so comfortable. When it came to the labor she was with me and gave me the motivation I needed. when I couldn’t deal with the pain anymore she made it ok for me to get an epidural and made me feel like I wasn’t a failure because I needed medication. She took wonderful pictures and even made me a coloring page from a picture she took from my delivery. She is one amazing doula!!! I love her."

L.K. , CLient

"We are so grateful to have had Abbey by our side during labor. I had an extremely long labor and my husband was so helpful, but Abbey was great to be able to give him breaks, show him what to do, etc. She was calming and kind. And she was affordable within our budget. She has a great heart and loves her job. I highly recommend Abbey if you’re in the DFW area!"

A.W. , Client

"I've labored both with and without a doula and I can't possibly say enough about how positive my birth experience was with Abbey! It took so much pressure off of my husband and allowed us both to focus on bringing our sweet boy into the world. Abbey provided support and advocacy every step of the way! She was prepared with so many natural interventions that allowed me to focus and be as confident and comfortable as possible. She's the best."

I. M. , Client

"Abbey is amazing. She cares and will bend over backwards to help you. She helps during and even after pregnancy. If you have questions she is always there to answer them for you. I would be lost without her. Please if you are pregnant or have a pregnant friend come to Abbey. You will not be disappointed."

S. M. , Client

"Abbey was informative and supportive every step of the way! She answered any question I had, and even if she didn’t have an immediate answer she would research and contact me in a timely fashion. Even some questions I didn’t even know I should be asking! She truly loves this field, and you will see that in the way she treats you. She will love you and your baby and help make the hard experience of childbirth even more beautiful than it already is."

M. F. , Client

Abbey is Located in Keller and serves Tarrant County, Denton County, and Johnson County and Dallas County in some circumstances/services.

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