Voices of Eve: Birth Ministries has a variety of doula led classes to help support your family through the process of growing your family! Group classes are located in Fort Worth, Texas

Comprehensive Childbirth Classes with a variety of learning elements that will help you be prepared for your upcoming birth. Multiple classes based on a variety of different birth options. The class lets you build a visual birth plan as you go! 

You will get a comprehensive view of coping techniques, options, interventions, physiological stages, and more! Wether you are expecting your first or second+ baby this class is tailored to your questions and specific birth plan! And it takes place in the comfort of your own home!

You will get a comprehensive view of everything you will need to breastfeed your baby! Wether you are pregnant, already breastfeeding, want to reinitiate breastfeeding, want to breastfeed your adopted infant, or if you want to support the loved one in your life that is breastfeeding this course is for you!

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