Brand new and comprehensive Childbirth Class with a variety of learning elements that will help you be prepared for your upcoming birth. Multiple classes based on a variety of different birth options.

This empowered birth class is And online Childbirth Class taught by a seasoned doula, childbirth educator, and breastfeeding educator. Abbey has 13 certifications and used all of them to fill this class with relevant and empowering knowledge to help you along your way.

What Does This Course Give You?

Meet Your Goals: Wether you are wanting a natural birth, epidural birth, home birth, or don’t know what your goals are yet, this class is for you!

Easy Access: This class is a handy app! So you can use it on ANY device! Take your childbirth education on the road. Imagine being able to tick off lessons while waiting at your OB’s office? Or while your toddler naps in the car.

Comprehensive information: This class covers everything including pregnancy discomforts, labor coping tools, interventions, choosing where to birth, pushing positions, breastfeeding, and so much more!

Free Tools and PDFs: When you take this course you get access to a variety of PDF’s and workbooks to help you take what you’ve learned and apply it!

 In this class your kids will learn age appropriate aspects of pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum. They will also learn how to be good helpers during postpartum and what to expect as far as their role in any of the process. They will then be presented with a certificate for what they learned.

You will get a comprehensive view of coping techniques, options, interventions, physiological stages, and more! Wether you are expecting your first or second+ baby this class is tailored to your questions and specific birth plan! And it takes place in the comfort of your own home!

You will get a comprehensive view of everything you will need to breastfeed your baby! Wether you are pregnant, already breastfeeding, want to reinitiate breastfeeding, want to breastfeed your adopted infant, or if you want to support the loved one in your life that is breastfeeding this course is for you!

 In this class you will learn; what to put in your birth plan or postpartum plan, what not to put, what styles of plans are available, how to make your plan more effective, and more! 
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