Bereavement Doula Services

A death at any stage of life is a growing and grieving process for the family left behind. A bereavement doula walks alongside a family as they process and adjust through the grieving and laying to rest process. 

Is a Bereavement Doula Right for Me?

Every grief journey is different. And every Bereavement doula’s services are different. Some may want or need a Bereavement to help guide their journey for weeks beyond the loss. Some might need one phone call or text conversation. As a Bereavement doula I try to support in any way that I can to the level and depth that each family needs. I lost my own first child. He was born through miscarriage in 2013. And since then I have had the opportunity to help many families process their loss. 

How can I afford a Bereavement Doula?

I do not charge for my Bereavement doula services. I navigate with each family how I can serve them. I trust that God will work out all the details. I do give each family the opportunity to donate into the Legacy Fund so that it can help me serve the next family. This fund covers gas, food, and other expenses. It does not go to pay for time or wear and tear on anything I bring with me to serve them. 

What does a Bereavement Doula Do?

A Bereavement Doula’s service will look different for each family. It can be a phone call, text conversation. or video call. It can be helping physically, emotionally, informationally, and advocating during a miscarriage, stillbirth, or death. It can be attending to the family during a funeral or memorial service. It can even be as simple as helping the family locate resources. Talking with a Bereavement doula and finding out how you and/or your family needs to be supported can help.

Reach out today. You are not alone.

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