• It’s time to find the perfect spot for your photoshoot! Here are some locations that I love capturing memories at/in and a few that I would like to have some experience with soon! I also am always on the hunt for […]

  • I watched her face go through waves of exhaustion, feeling like a failure, and defeat. Tears rolling down her cheeks. She had wanted her birth to be unmedicated so badly. She had 2 epidural births before this one […]

  • I will never forget sitting on that bench outside the hospital… waiting. I had a mama seeking an unmedicated VBAC. She had been experiencing prodromal labor and went to the hospital where they decided to admit […]

  • I served at a birth recently at Andrew’s Women’s Hospital at Baylor Scott and white in Fort Worth. I had never served there before so I was ready and open to explore a new birthing location. I left my first birth […]

  • I woke up with contractions coming every 3 minutes at 3 am on Thursday morning. I was so excited I woke up my husband and told him “I’m in labor!” And we packed our bags and headed to the hospital. My husband […]

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