Bereavement and Grief Resources

Bereavement is a a journey. As a Bereavement Doula I walk alongside families as they navigate the difficult process of bearing their loved one through death. Click learn more to find out if a bereavement doula can help you walk through this journey. Voices of Eve’s bereavement doula services are free.

This workbook is designed to help you navigate and process your bereavement journey. It can be used with the purpose of healing, as a keepsake, or both. You can use it as many times as is beneficial. I plan to add more to this journal as time goes so check back in on it from time to time to see if theres new pages that might help you.

This free Visual Birth Plan is specifically designed for families expecting or experiencing the loss of their child. It helps your birth team give you comprehensive and compassionate care.

If you have photos from your pregnancy, labor, birth, postpartum, etc. that you would like to turn into coloring pages to commemorate and remember your baby’s journey you can get 1-3 done for free through Voices of Eve. Just contact Abbey and send her the images you would like to see as coloring pages. 

These affirmation cards are designed to help encourage you and keep your heart focused on your journey and Jesus. Each card can be used as a coloring page or left black and white. Hang them where you can see them so that you can be reminded to what is true and perfect in the midst of grief. 

This PDF covers important aspects of healing from postpartum. Covering everything from uterine healing, breast healing, vulva/vagina healing, and over all recovery from birth at any stage of pregnancy. 

As a Bereavement Photographer I document the journey of families as they navigate the difficult process of bearing their loved one through death. This photography can happen before your loved one passes, during their passing, or afterwards. Voices of Eve’s bereavement photographer services are free.

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