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Is a Labor and Birth Doula Right For Me?

Do you have specific desires for your Pregnancy or Birth? A doula can help prepare you for any type of birth plan, wether that be an unmedicated or a medicated birth. Wether that birth be at a birth center or a hospital.

Are You Looking for Additional education and/or Support for your Pregnancy or Birth?

Doulas work tirelessly to make sure that you have the information and support to make informed decisions and gain physical, emotional, and informational help throughout your pregnancy and labor. A doula can also support you by advocating for you, your baby, your family, and your rights. Studies show that families who take a childbirth class have better outcomes and are more likely to be satisfied with their birth experience. 

Do you want to learn more about birth and your rights?

Doulas are invaluable sources of a wealth of knowledge and can be a great way for you to expand your knowledge. Families who are informed of their rights and informed on basic elements of birth are more likely to make informed decisions and more likely to be satisfied with their birth experience overall. 

Can You Afford Doula Services?

Costs for doulas vary depending on your needs and the area you live. Voices of Eve is dedicated to making empowering services accessible to everyone. To help families afford the care they need Voices of Eve packages are on the lower end of the spectrum, payments do not have a pay by date but instead a pay what you can when you can basis, and you can also qualify for a discount on any package, you can find the discount form here!


What Labor and Birth Services Look Like

Prenatal Consultation: at some point during your pregnancy. This visit will be to help create your birth plan, discuss your desires for you birth, help provide resources for any of your needs. The visit will be around an hour or two long depending on your needs.

Text, e-mail, call, and/or video support throughout your pregnancy: during normal business hours you will be able to ask any questions, express any concerns/joys, and keep your doula up to date on your pregnancy.

Labor and Birth Support: This support can be in person or virtual and can cover anywhere from emotional, physical, mental, and advocating with you during your pregnancy, labor, and/or birth.

Visual Birth plan: This visual birth plan is easy to read and comes with up to 300 different options for your labor, birth, and postpartum period. It also covers your and your new baby’s care.

Other Resources and Services

Find relevant and applicable content in a variety of formats in the Voices of Eve Archives. Free resources for your family and birth professionals!

Pregnancy, Labor, Birth and postpartum should be a time of bonding, growth, and intimacy for families. Check out these free tools to help make your experience more empowering and loving.

My Top recommendation is Emily Burt Serving Tomorrow Birth Services. She is an amazing doula and one of my close partners in birth work

My Top recommendation is Hannah Lawrence of Mothering Memories Doula Services. She is an amazing doula and one of my close partners in birth work

Spinning Babies

Spinning Babies is ground a breaking company that is dedicated to healthier and empowering birth! I am so grateful for all they do! They have many amazing products and services but they also have a lot of free resources!

“We teach physiological release rather than a mechanical manipulation or force. The assumption that birth is a passenger powering through a pelvis (The old 3Ps paradigm) reduces creative, body-centered options for parent or provider alike. The release of the baby can be as natural as the release of hormones. Self-care and specific body activities restore body balance and make room for the baby. Babies can put themselves into the best positions possible for childbirth.”

General Resources

Resources created by other amazing creators.

VBAC Resources

Helpful Resources that other creators have made.

Birth Without Fear

began as a simple passion to let women know they have choices in childbirth. It then evolved to become an inspiration and support to women and their families through their trying to conceive, pregnancy, birth and postpartum journeys.

Fort Worth TX Resources

Helpful Resources that other creators have made.

C-Section Resources

Helpful Resources that other creators have made.

Pain Management

Moving Baby

Closed Knee Pushing

“Traditionally pushing is done with knees wide either sitting, squatting, kneeling, or on the back. This is a good way to open the pelvic inlet, or top pelvic opening. However, sometimes babies get hung up getting through the pelvic outlet, or the bottom pelvic opening. This is where closed knee pushing comes in! ⁣

Janet Williams Birth Services

Around The World

This video was taken by Missionaries in Kenya. It is fun to imagine different ways families prepare and learn about birth around the world. Education is very limited in third world countries. Many people do not understand basic health information. To learn more about this ministry check out their facebook page.

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Brandi Hicks- Peaceful Birth
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