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Abbey's Encouraging Labor Protocol

Step One: Rest

This is my recommended protocol for encouraging labor. Only do this protocol if you are: feeling rested and energetic, preferably over 40 weeks gestation, and mentally/emotionally ready to start a process that might take 1-3 days. After you have completed each step, in order, you can start from the beginning again when you are ready. it may take 1-3 tries of this protocol. If at any point during this protocol you are having regular contractions do not do step 4 and focus on rotating through steps 1-3. If you follow this protocol exactly it will take anywhere from 4-6 hours to complete. 

No matter what time of day you are starting to encourage labor, always start with at least 1-2 hours of rest. If sleeping is not possible put on a meditation track and rest in a dark room. This will increase your oxytocin levels which will help your body accept and go into labor.

Essential Oils:
*I recommend these oils be rubbed on your belly and ankles before laying down to rest or when you get up:

1. Jasmin
2. Clary Sage
3. Lavender
4. Geranium
5. Frankincense

*Optional: Talk to your care provider about taking any of the following during, before, or right after Step 1.

2. Caulophyllum

3. Cimicifuga

4. Gentle Birth Tincture

Step Two: Eat/Hydrate

Next eat a hearty meal and hydrate with a hydration multiplier. Best meals to consider is anything that is high in protein and something that you enjoy. Avoid any foods that could cause constipation or stomach irritation. This will help stock up your energy reserves for labor and make all other steps more effective. Continue to snack lightly after you start having contractions. As labor Progresses you will feel less and less like eating. Good snack ideas are any fruits and nuts. 

Step Three: Balance

You don’t want to start labor with a baby that is in a less than ideal position if you can avoid it. To do this I recommend the following 3 steps. 

1. Side Lying Release: 10 minutes on each side.

2. Forward Leaning inversion: 3 times

3. Miles Circuit: displayed here on the right

Step Four: Oxytocin

Steps 1-3 are preparing your body for labor. This step is encouraging your uterus into activity, which will hopefully encourage it into labor. Get comfy and try any of the following to encourage labor. Don’t do any of these without first doing steps 1-3. and avoid doing all of them at the same time. 

Nipple Stimulation:

First Time: 15 minutes stimulation on 1 side then switch to the other side for 15 minutes. Try this for 1-2 hours.

Second Time: 15 minutes on both sides, rest for 15 minutes. Try this for 1-2 hours.

Midwife’s Brew: 

Midwife’s brew is 85% effective at starting labor. I do not recommend taking castor oil straight, make the shake and drink it. If you are prone to intestinal discomfort then consider cutting the castor oil amount in half. You can always increase it next time you try this protocol. DO NOT take castor oil more than once in a 24 hour period. 

Sex with Orgasm:

Remember that the most important part of sex to encourage labor is the orgasm, followed closely by your partner’s semen inside you. Semen has elements in it that encourage cervical ripening. If penetrative sex is not enjoyable right now then focus on you orgasming. 

Pressure Points:

Rub the oils that I mentioned in step 1 all over your belly, wrists, and ankles. Also consider diffusing them in the room. 

*If you find the contractions are too intense, stop any efforts to strengthen them and rest. If they fade away  you can resume or start the entire protocol over again.

After you have completed this protocol I strongly encourage starting from the beginning. Return to step, one, don’t start in the middle. Rest is always the most important step. 

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