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Is a Sibling Doula Right For Me?

1. Do you have specific desires for your children during your pregnancy, labor, and/or birth? You do not have to have an unmedicated or home birth in order to hire a sibling doula. Siblings can be involved or educated about and around labor and birth with any kind of plan.

2. Are You Looking for Additional Support for Your Children Before, During and After Birth? Having extra support during labor and immediately following birth can be very beneficial for helping your children process birth wether they are in the room or not. 

3. Do You Want Your Older Children to Learn More About the Childbirth Process? Doulas are invaluable sources of a wealth of knowledge and can be a great way for you and your children to expand your birth knowledge. Voices of eve also has an Online Childbirth Class to help with this too! You can include your children in the class with you!

4. Can You Afford Doula Services?Costs for doulas vary depending on your needs and the area you live. Voices of Eve is dedicated to making empowering services accessible to everyone. To help families afford the care they need Voices of Eve packages are on the lower end of the spectrum, payments do not have a pay by date but instead a pay what you can when you can basis, and you can also qualify for a discount on any package, you can find the discount form here!

What Sibling Doula Services Look Like

Consultation: This visit will be to help create a plan for your children’s care, discuss your desires, help provide resources for any of your needs. The visit will be around an hour or two long depending on your needs.

Text, e-mail, call, and/or video support throughout your pregnancy: during normal business hours you will be able to ask any questions, express any concerns/joys, and keep your doula up to date on your pregnancy.

Labor and Birth Care for your children: These hours will be structured around what you most need/want to help you rest and recover. It can include basic house cleaning, meal prepping or cooking, childcare, infant care, informational or emotional support, etc. 

Other Services and Resources

Older Siblings at Birth

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