Water Under The Bridge

Recently I attended a Spinning Babies conference. I went to the conference to learn how to support my clients and community more effectively and I came away with that, and a much deeper respect for the human body.

One of the things we learned about was the fascia and it’s important role in our body. The fascia is the fluid in our body that connects and holds us together. And believe it or not we have power to influence it!

I had a client recently in early labor who was struggling with swelling. It wasn’t severe but uncomfortable enough that it was limiting what positions we could get in to help labor along.. I thought back to my training and about how It is in this fascia that swelling occurs. I was looking at my client and felt in my gut that if that fluid can collect, causing the swelling, and all fascia is connected to itself, why can’t we move it? I got some magnesium lotion and added some essential oils that are beneficial for swelling. I took the blend and gently massaged my clients feet. I focused at first on soft circular motions around her ankles and feet to help loosen the fluid. Then I did light pulling massage encouraging the fluid towards her legs. I watched as her feet continually looked better as I worked.

Later I looked up what I had done and discovered that massage is a known tool to reduce swelling. My technique wasn’t perfect but I am working on that and my next client will get to benefit from this learning experience.

I was tempted to doubt my own eyes until her husband came back from grabbing something to eat. He didn’t know about my massaging and voluntarily stated, “the swelling in your feet looks much better!” Mom and I shared a look, pleased with the results. This has got be learning more about the human body, the facia, and the power of massage.

I ordered a book and some tools and I can’t wait to get started learning more to help my clients but also to strengthen my own family.

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