Laboring Under Fire

And I want to especially call out those who went above and beyond their oath to do no harm and additionally donate time and resources beyond what they are asked to do. They are heroes, and we need them!

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Prodromal Labor

Lets discuss what prodromal labor is, what causes it, what is the emotional and physical toll, How do you know if you are experiencing it, How do you know when it turns into Active Labor, How do you cope through it, and how do you get baby in a better position?

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Pitocin and Postpartum Depression

Keep in mind that postpartum depression is a challenge, not a sentence. Keep making informed decisions. You are strong and you are worth it!

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Everybody Poops: A Crappy Way to Nourish Your Baby

st of the Bacteria in our body is in our gut. These hosts of bacteria are known as the "Microbiome". Scientists believe that bacteria act as a thermostat for your immune system.

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