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We live in a crazy hectic world. It’s moving fast and it’s dragging us willingly or kicking and screaming right along with it. Sometimes it’s a bit of both. “The 21st Century Machine” stops for no one.

Great lifestyle choices tend to fall into this pattern too.

If we could see all the activities in our lives laid out they’d likely look a lot like a busy highway at rush hour. 4 -6 lanes of cars all racing forward. Cars running in on one ramp only to leave one or two exits down. Some items puttering along in the fast lane while a dozen eager cars lag frustrated behind them. Other’s wizzing by so quickly and without any regard to their surroundings. Great lifestyle choices tend to fall in this pattern too. But what if it didn’t have to be that way?

I’m in control of the highway.

Here’s a funny video that I think shows another way to look at juggling life’s fast paced expectations very well!

I stumbled across life changing information recently. I was actively building my rush hour traffic. Deciding what things in my life I wanted to go racing down my highway. And of course I wanted no shortage of healthy choices! I spent years being overwhelmed with every diet craze, essential oils, exercise programs, self-care, gym memberships, and more! Then I realized that I am in control of the highway. I am in control of the cars the enter it, I am in control of how fast they go, and when they take their exit.

Here is a TED Talk that the topic comes near to my point.

I can do less to create more.

I can go to the gym and not be a body builder. I can eat healthy without being on a diet. I can do yoga and it not be an every sunrise ritual. I can use essential oils without using them for everything. I can recycle without stressing that I don’t use every reusable item available today. I can do less to create more.

Engaging in healthy lifestyle choices shouldn’t be adding to the crazy highway. It should be enhancing the flow of the traffic. It should be speed limits and expressways. Being healthy shouldn’t add stress to my life.

No one should feel like their drowning in lifestyle changes.

No one should feel like their drowning in lifestyle changes. So don’t. You are in charge of the highway.

So do a yoga pose today. And if it’s the last one you do for the month that’s ok. Juice those veggies in your fridge and don’t worry when you put the juicer back in that hard to reach shelf when you’re done. Get that headache essential oil blend and say no to the other tempting blends, you can always go back later. Go for a walk and then let dust collect on your shoes for a little while.

Doing 100% at 100% of the things is not sustainable.

doing 100% at 100% of the things is not sustainable, it will get you burned out in more areas of your life than what you excel at. What we end up doing is creating environments where we kick ourselves for our healthy choices because we are convinced it’s not enough. How much more of a benefit is one daily healthy habit than a healthy kick that lasts only a few weeks?

Do that one something for your health today. Do that one something for your mental health. And don’t beat yourself up for how small it is. It’s the first step. Maybe next week you’ll do a yoga pose and a healthy lunch! Let go of what you can’t control.

Here is a song that I listen to when I need to let go of my need to control every detail of my life.

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Abbey is a Birth, Postpartum, Bereavement, and Sibling Doula, Breastfeeding Educator, Post Abortion Counselor, Photographer, and Artisan in Fort Worth Texas. Abbey strives to make services available to everyone through financial assistance, income based services, and more!

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